Schedules & Procedures

imgres.jpgSHARES :

Through the school year, students will be expected to share one ACADEMIC SHARE and one ABOUT ME share.  

Academic Share: Student teach the class something.  It can be a local newspaper article or magazine article to summarize for the class, something cool found in nature, an interesting book about a certain topic, something really old, etc…

About Me Share: Bring in something personal that tells us something about you.  It could be a trophy, a photograph of a pet or family trip, a postcard of a place you visited etc…

“Just Because” Share:  This is exactly what it is… it is not a have to, it is just a share that you might have, doesn’t necessarily fall under “About Me” or “Academic”

OUR CLASS USScreen Shot 2018-09-20 at 12.03.28 AMES ClassDojo, a great way to monitor and manage our classroom and communicate with parents



Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 12.25.22 AM


On the first day of school, students will receive a planner.  This planner is to be transferred back and forth to school every day.  It is a great way to communicate between school and home as well as an organizational tool.  I will ask parents to sign the bottom of the planner Mon-Thu evenings.  Various other useful information will be located inside the planner as well, such as schedules, user names, etc.


Reading— Mrs. Palasciano will be discussing Reading Homework expectations

Math — Homework Packets will be sent home Thursdays and due the following Thursday.  The packets will contain practice sheets with recent concepts of the previous week, a few review questions, as well as a fact practice component.  Homework is math is graded based on a student’s effort and is counts towards their math grade. Late packets WILL NOT be accepted (unless a student was absent, then it is due the day they return).  – due THURSDAYS

Spelling: Assigned by Mrs. Clary – due Fridays (test on Friday too)

SCI/SS — assignments given as needed by Mrs. Clary



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