About Mrs. Clary

Teaching has always been a passion of mine. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I am currently in my 20th year of teaching. It has been quite the road leading me to Bernardston Elementary School.  I attended the State University of New York College at Oneonta for my undergraduate studies in Elementary Education, with a minor in Communications.  I taught for three years in the Hudson Valley (grades 3 and 5).  During my time in New York, I also receiMisc Halloween2014 007ved my Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Reading from Western Connecticut University.

In 2002, I married and relocated to the Pioneer Valley.  Since living here, I  have taught in several districts and have remained in the upper grades.  I have had wonderful professional experiences in the Pioneer Valley, ranging from classroom teacher, math coach, and recently becoming involved with teaching other educators through a math consulting firm during the summer.  I also had the honor of receiving a Grinspoon Excellence of Teaching Award in 2008.  It has been quite the journey so far.

In 2011, I made the choice to join the teaching team at Bernardston Elementary School.  I reside in Leyden, and it was in the best interest of my family and my career to join the Pioneer Valley Regional School District, and the journey continues……

I love being outside and love each season of the year – they each have something about them I enjoy.  Summer and Fall are by far my favorites.  I love finding a good spot to read a book.  I collect “frog” things for the classroom and have always had a liking for the “Peanuts” characters.  Another hobby of mine is taking picturimages-7es, especially of nature scenes and wildlife.  My family and I enjoy road trips and being silly.  Although traveling can be fun, I do enjoy relaxing at my home in Leyden. I actually find watching thunderstorms relaxing.

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